FinTech (M.SC.IT)

Eligibility: Any Graduate

With our extensive FinTech Master’s Programme, you may start a rewarding professional path that will provide you the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the fast-paced field of finance and technology. You will study in-depth subjects that will shape the industry’s future over the course of two years.

You will gain a strong foundation in web development and backend systems by learning FinTech Fundamental Analysis, perfecting Front End Designing with HTML5-CSS-JS, and sharpening your skills in Back End Development with Python Django.

Additionally, you’ll become an expert in Data Driven Analytics with Python, Entrepreneurial Finance, and Database Design & Development with SQL. Using technologies like PowerBI and Tableau, investigate cutting-edge fields like Digital Banking & Payment Tech, Information Security & Cloud Computing, Investment Banking, and Data Visualisation.

Post Graduate in Fintech Course in Surat

You’ll also learn about Quantitative Finance, Blockchain technologies with an emphasis on cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Financial Technical Analysis with Candle Stick Chart and Index analysis, and the application of AI and RPA in the FinTech and banking industries.

Our curriculum is designed to provide you the skills you need to succeed and innovate in the quickly changing FinTech industry, while also preparing you for the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead.


  • FinTech – Fundamental Analysis
  • Front End Designing – HTML5-CSS-JS
  • Back End Development – Python Django
  • Database Design & Development – SQL
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Data Driven Analytics using Python
  • Digital Banking & Payment Tech
  • Information Security & Cloud Computing
  • Investment Banking
  • Data Visualization – PowerBI | Tableau
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Financial Technical Analysis – Candle Stick Chart | Index analysis
  • Blockchain – Crypto currencies – Ethereum
  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance | Share Market | Banking
  • Robotics Process Automation in FinTech | Banking

Boosting your profile with a Standout Project

  • WealthGuard ChatBot: Smart Banking Solutions
  • StockSim Pro: Virtual Stock Market Analysis
  • CreditGuard: Creditworthiness Score Manager
  • RoboAdvisor Prime: Financial Guidance & Quiz Arena
  • BudgetBuddy: ChatBot for Smart Budgeting & Expense Tracking
  • Cryptocurrency Price Tracker : Track and Display real-time prices