MBA in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management

Proposed course covers the Aviation Management, Hospitality Management & Travel Management in details. It covers all Aviation Operations, Hospitality Operations and Tours & Travels Operations in details. Further Flight Management Operations, Planning of Airlines, and Scheduling of Aircrafts with Domestic & International Routes, FAA Dispatcher, Load & Trim balance the aircraft in details and aircraft type manufacturing companies in details. Hospitality Operations includes Front Office Management, Food & Beverage Service Management, International Hospitality Management and Catering Management.

Tours & Travels Operations Management covers International Tours & Travels Management. International and Domestic tour chain supply & other supports for tours and travels.

MBA in Aviation Course Career Opportunities & Scope

Types of aircraft (body).
  • Types of Aircraft
  • History of Aviation
  • History of Aircrafts
  • Airport Departments
  • Airhostess & Cabin Crew Management
  • Customer Interface Project
  • Flight Operations Management
  • Introduction to Flight Catering
  • Safety & Emergency Procedure
  • Front Desk Operations
  • Concierge Management
  • Food & Beverages Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Fares & Tickets
  • Mice Tourism
  • Types of Travels & Tourism
  • International Travel Operator and Guide
  • Entrepreneurship